My Sexy Secret Life

Last Minute Shopping Tips (for Londoners)

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So … it’s nearly Christmas! It just seems to come out of no where … Although I must admit I have been pretty good and only have two more gifts to buy 🙂

Good luck to all of you who haven’t – I know it sounds terribly posh but I have always found Fortnum and Masons best for last minute Christmas pressies… and they don’t have to be terribly exciting or expensive for relatives so long as they come in a nice tin with the ‘F&M’ branding …. and the beauty section does sell some very nice things for ladies if you want to appear to have been thoughtful – grab (not literally!) a lovely assistant – give them your budget and a few details about what the lady you are buying for likes and you’ll be in and out in 20 minutes – honestly! It’s brilliant! It’s not even that crowded whereas Oxford Street – always a nightmare becomes a living hell this time of year …..

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