My Sexy Secret Life

The Bets Are Off

I’ve never been a betting woman – apart from the odd scatch card or lottery ticket (for which my life times winnings have been under £20!) and I placed one bet on a horse in the Grand National of 1998 because everyone else in the bar I worked at was doing it – I chose the one with the most ridicolous name – it didn’t win.

I just didn’t get it – gambling that is …why not keep what you’ve got rather than risk loosing it?  But London isn’t full of betting shops, casinos and exclusive poker dens for nothing … so I knew that some how there must be vast appeal … then I placed what I thought to myself as a little ‘joke’ bet that the royal baby was going to be a girl called ‘Charlotte’…


I’d only put down a fiver and the odds were 11/2 at the time which is something I didn’t and still don’t really understand at all but a friend explained that I’d probably get about £20 if I won. I found myself becoming a little obsessive about checking in with the news about our new royal baby to be … I found myself ‘noticing’ that Kate was overdue, then that she’d had a little baby girl … and then that the papers were calling ‘Charlotte’ the bookies favourite..

And I really, really didn’t want to win because if I did, then I should have put more money down – hell if I’d put my rent on it I could have won thousands!!! But I did win … a little over £25 …..
I now understand why there are so many ‘bookies’ – and I have a lot more insight into how very addictive gambling might be… so while I am glad that I have the name befit for a princess and I did win more money than I ever did on the lottery – I have learnt my lesson.
I still might buy the odd lottery ticket, scratch card or raffle tickets at my parents village fare (where I generally win a bottle of something so disgusting it’s only fit for the rubbish bin) but I’m not going to any more betting shops – the bets are off!

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