My Sexy Secret Life

Unexpected Kiss

There I was, minding my own business, crossing the road and walking on to the little island between the two roads that separated me from my destination when a cute, well dressed, well spoken curvy girl in her early twenties (a uni student perhaps) approached me nervously and told me that she had no money until Monday and was hoping to raise £6.

She definately wasn’t homeless and I know the more cynical amongst you will be thinking ‘scam’ straight away and I was suspisious too but I like to take people as they are and help when I can … I believe in kharma – if she was scamming me then c’est la vie but I am glad I believed her because when I reached into my purse and handed her £20 she let out a heart felt sob and kissed me hard and full on the lips, they were sweet, soft, warm and entirely unexpected but very welcome … it made my day!

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