My Sexy Secret Life

Once Upon a Time …

I answered a questionnaire that a degree student sent me asking me about how I found the profession I had chosen as part of her research. I answered honestly and with as much detail as I could. I had no idea what a profound an effect it would have on her but a few years later I recieved another email and she told me that my words had rung so true that she had decided to become a ‘sex worker’ herself! (as she prefers to be called).

My Mother always told me that I was a ‘bad influence’ but I’m pretty sure that every one I’ve led astray has enjoyed the journey, that’s what they tell me anyway!

Now she is not only loving what she does but is writing all about it for a magazine too! And she’s much naughtier than me so could be the perfect choice for those who love to dominate sexually or are looking great PSE- or why not be greedy and try both!? 🙂

KFS Magazine – Deviant Eve


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