My Sexy Secret Life

Suicide is killing far more men than cancer …

I’ve just finished watching the BBC’s documentary about Professor Green’s exploration of why his Dad decided to hang himself. Professor Green Suicide and Me I greatly admire his honesty.

It’s a sad fact that the biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide.It’s another fact that women are much better at communication with regards to how we feel and therefore our suicide rates are much lower.

We are different genders – science has proved that we have different brains – to be truly equal we must recognise both genders strengths and weaknesses and I feel that the modern woman should step up and lead with our strengths – stop playing the victim and celebrate what we’re good at -we can help men feel better, open up rather than shutting down – I believe that feminism has gone too far – we need to stop berating men – we are yin and yang – we are different and have the ability to give each other support, in different ways and we should value that.

No matter what our sexual orientation is, a world without men would not be a better place … Men need to stop suffering in silence – it is literally killing them.

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