My Sexy Secret Life

I believe that women are genetically more likely to be bi sexual …

Female cave paintings

I believe that women are genetically much more likely to be bisexual. Why? Ok, forgive me but I’m going to take this right back to cave man/women times … At that point women were only able to eat enough during the spring and summer months in order to menstruate and therefore become fertile, so in essence all the women in a tribe ‘came on heat’ at the same time. So, they got pregnant around the same time too.

Even now, as a woman being in a very female environment at home, school or work I have found that our cycles will end up being at the same time (so there’s at least one week of the month that all the men need to tread carefully!!) something that I can absolutely testify to as I have two sisters!

Anyway, I diverse – back to cave man times – so the women are eating more and are more likely to get pregnant at around the same time as the men are off hunting to provide an essential part of animal protein to the human diet, that almost certainly made them more horny! Please forgive me vegetarians and vegans but I believe this to be true…

So the men were off hunting … and the women were left alone, most of the time feeling very frisky! Of course the men would come home and ‘conquer’ at various points leading to pregnancy but all female groups would also spend a lot of time alone together during that period.

So why not turn to each other? What better way to bond than to make love? It makes us feel better, it makes us feel more connected to each other and once the winter came and pregnancies progressed surely those women who had made love to each other felt much more inclined to take care of each other!? I’m no historian so this could all be a load of nonsense … but to me, it just makes sense 😉

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