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Happy Bank Holiday :)

As the whole area gears up for the Nottinghill Carnival, it’s somewhat surreal here in Central West London. Oceans of red stripe fill fridges usually stocked up with wine and there is a bin on Bayswater High Street where people can dispose of their weapons.
Nearby Tescos (and a few other shops) has boarded up it’s Windows and beefed up the security team “”it’s like preparing for war” one member of staff tells me, “it’s cheaper to board up the windows than have them being broken” he adds that ‘looting’ is a common problem over this particular bank holiday weekend.

In the back streets of Marylebone I spot six members of police in uniform and two vans, one kitted out for ‘prisoners’, a strong smell of marijuana permeates the surrounding area.

Image result for bbq in the rainPersonally, I won’t be going to the Carnival- I have another great British tradition to attend to – a family bbq in the rain – however being older and wiser these days I’ll be eating before I get there, to avoid the food poisoning!!!

Anyway, whatever you get up to, I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend, and I’ll see you on the other side 🙂 Xxx


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