My Sexy Secret Life


My Secret life

Last night I bumped into an absolutely lovely client. I was in a pub with my best friend, near my home in W2, welcoming in Christmas and flirting with the bar staff (rude not to – surely?)!

The identities of any of my clients are not something I would ever acknowledge in public, write down on paper, have no interest in exposing or writing a book about just – thankful for the good times that we share together and the trust that they put in me, trust that will never be broken.

My best friend was head over heels excited because said client was in a group with one of his most favourite actors ever. It was a bit awkward. We were debating whether he should go over and say “hello”. I’m sure we looked over the bar more than a little bit more than most people would because he was so excited.

We didn’t go over because we thought it would just have been too cheesy (and secretly I didn’t want to cause my client any anxiety)! And I hope that my client who said actor was with, didn’t feel uncomfortable. I would never ‘out’ some one. Never.

The secrets I share with lovers remain just between us… although hopefully they will always be memories to treasure  💋

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