My Sexy Secret Life


A lot of people ask me about trafficking in the sex industry. There are a few racial groups that are far more likely to be unwilling victims of the sex trade – from what I’ve heard mostly Bulgarian and Romanian women – but for the most part, everyone I know is happy with what they do … so than rather subscribing to this version of prostitution…

I’d like you to think hard about why highly sexed, intelligent and ambitious women would choose the cut and thrust of the day to day grind of the 9-5 as we call it (aka 7am -9pm) a long with office politics for a life, pointless projects and commuting… when we can live freely as a libertine and have lots of fun instead?

You will have to click on a YouTube link to view the video below but if you enjoy fun, curvy blondes taking their clothes off it’s definitely worth it in my opinion!

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