My Sexy Secret Life

Wedding Season….

So with the Wedding Season almost over I wonder what was your most unusual/cringe wedding ‘do’. One of my most memorable wedding receptions happened in an old school musical hall complete with a stage. The majority of the female guests (including me of course) were dressed in their burlesque finest.

I didn’t know the families very well being a plus one but the evening entertainment featured a variety of burlesque acts – women dressed as men then revealing they were women, burlesque dancers revealing everything and all to Grandma in the front row!

In the car park an argument between a very well dressed, handsome gentleman and a stunning lady in a much more sparkly dramatic gown than the brides was extremely dramatic … it was a surreal experience!

However not quite as surreal as bonding over cocktails with my ex boyfriends ex girlfriend at another wedding reception at the Dorchester – we had a lot in common!

I hope all of you who had or enjoyed being guests at Summer weddings had a marvellous time and that the English weather (aka rain) didn’t spoil your day.

Charlotte xx

Ps. This reminds me of one of the acts at the wedding I went to 😉


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