My Sexy Secret Life

This makes my heart smile

I recently came across this piece of music and it really touched my heart (see below for the video). For quite a while l was puzzled as to why but then it came to me..

Just like the artist in this story, many people judge what I do to be wrong – and it was very scary to choose this life style initially, however l do feel so very blessed to be in the position that l’m in now and have absolutely no regrets.

l spend my life unhindered by any kinds of rules, just taking in the good things, watching the dawn break over the beautiful London skyline, living in a wonderful part of my favourite City, long walks in Hyde Park, not having to screw people over to get ahead, living in a way that suits my values – acting with integrity and simply having lots of lovely fun with the people l choose to meet and enjoying every minute!

l really am so very lucky to have fought my inner demons about this way of living and to have won! Thank you to all of you that make this possible for me. Xxxx

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