My Sexy Secret Life

Wealth vs Riches

l love this ad .. it truly embodies the way l chose to live my life 🙂

The richest and the poorest, truly happy people l have ever known have exactly the same attitude – life is to be experienced, to be treasured and most of, all when ever possible to be enjoyed 🙂

I’m quite fond of San Miguel too 😉 it reminds me of living in Spain when l was 19 and; at that time beer in the local village supermarkets was cheaper than bottled water!!

l didn’t get hangovers in those days … just under ten years later, unlike my supermarket shop then, mine now would definitely include far less beer and much more water..

Anyway – here’s to raising a glass of beer (or dare l even say it – fizzy water with a few ice cubes and slice of lemon!) to enjoying life and getting older, wiser but never ever forgetting to always, whenever possible to find fun wherever you can  🙂


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