My Sexy Secret Life

Most people are good…

l often get asked by people if l have met ‘horrible or scary’ people during my time as an escort…. and the honest answer is no – my genuine experience is that in this particular way of life at least, most people are good and treat me well.

l feel very lucky because l am not trapped in a job, doing things that l do not enjoy or believe in. I do what l want, see who I want, when l want, for however long l choose to and people are kind to me. In this day and age l am led to believe this is unusual and l never take for granted how lucky l am.

Being an ‘ahem’ lady of the night has been a very humbling experience- I have learnt not to seek approval for the profession l do but instead take pride in my own self conduct and integrity and this has filtered through my life in so many ways – knowing and respecting yourself to be a good person is so empowering.

I do my very best to keep putting back into the world all the good Kharma that l receive, in any way l can, with an open heart 🙂 l found this urban sculpture just by Edgware Road Station today, l think it epitomises everything l am trying to say …



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