My Sexy Secret Life


Hello there 🙂

Just a quick update to let you know that l haven’t forgotten you and l am planning on being in London much more frequently soon, l do miss my naughty adventures! However with the madness that politics is wreaking on our current financial climate right now l am wary of signing a new lease.

l know of a good few people who are going to leave London or are uncertain as to whether or not they will stay and it’s very frustrating trying to plan for the future at the moment! Hopefully things will become a little clearer after the election on the 12th, however l am not holding my breath (although as you might already know that is something l’m quite good at!!).

So, l have started investigating some discrete incall locations and l will have more news soon as to where and when we might be able to meet 🙂 lt would be great to get some naughty pre Christmas dates in the diary to look forward to!

Hope to see you soon.
Charlotte xxxx


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