My Sexy Secret Life

Catch up xxxx


Hello, sorry it’s been a while!

This Coronavirus things a bit mad isn’t it!? I really don’t know what to make of it. A close friend of mine has already been put into quarantine for 14 days overseas (although they’re showing no symptoms whatsoever and actually quite looking forward to a break and some peace and quiet) other friends have seen their stocks and shares plummet and it looks like soon, my friends over a certain age will be advised to self isolate 😦

As for naughty adventures…. a lot of my playmates are either stuck at home in a variety of different countries or not wanting to/or being stopped by their work from travelling into London at the moment. I am missing my fun! As soon as things settle down a bit l will venturing back into London for a series of ‘mini breaks’ (l’m thinking Paddington, Victoria, Kings Cross and Shoreditch at the moment) all discrete and private locations (never hotels). Fingers crossed you can come and join me 🙂

In the meantime wishing you all the very best during these very unique set of circumstances…I’ll leave you for now with lots of kisses and naughty thoughts and hope to see you in the not too distant future!

Charlotte xxxxxxx


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