My Sexy Secret Life

Future Plans

What a funny week this has been! I was really hoping that we’d be getting back to a new version of ‘normal’ after lockdown but with the recently introduced ‘rule of six’ coming into play a little while ago l did wonder whether more bad news was a foot! However with our glorious ‘end of Summer’ heatwave and after a brief and socially distanced jaunt to the English coast, l was feeling rested and excited to begin another start to the week in London’s Victoria… and l have had fun! I even found my very own dedicated street sign!

It did seem as though that by late Wednesday afternoon (despite watching a bustling and joyful Wedding party complete with real bagpipes and an old transport for London bus to take its revellers on to the next destination, which was so lovely to see – that they’d managed to get married in the sunshine on a glorious afternoon before the rules denied them their desired nuptials celebration!) that change was soon to come afoot… which it did, the afternoon sun transmuted to an Autumnal feeling evening and l waited with bated breath to see just what plans the government had next to unveil… once again l was watching Boris on the telly and it felt so surreal. But here we are, it feels like we have taken two steps forward and three steps back again! And I doubt that things are going to change much anytime soon unfortunately.

I was very good during the first National lockdown and a bit beyond that too – l stayed at home for as long as possible- the last six months in fact but l simply cannot bare the idea of facing another six months of the same dreary monotony! So l’ve come up with a new plan. I will be staying in London for a week at a time to see friends then self isolating for the next two weeks after that.

I’ve just had a wonderful time in London enjoying some much needed freedom (thank you to the lovely people who made it so special, you know who you are!) and so it’s now back to two weeks of counting the days at home until next time! Having left Pimlico this Saturday morning (by car, not public transport) I will next be in London the week beginning the 12th of October at my new favourite location in Victoria, a short walk from Pimlico Tube Station.

As always l will be seeing a very limited number of lovers in order to savour my naughty adventures …. and l am very much looking forward to it! It’s so important in times like these to make memories to treasure, do let me know if you fancy joining me! Xxxx

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