My Sexy Secret Life

Christmas Kisses XxXx

I hope that as you’re reading this, it means that you are both safe and well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what positives l can draw from 2020 and to be honest- it’s been hard! But the reasons l can be grateful for are…

I’ve learnt to be much more mindful of the little everyday things in life, that if l really focus on are such a blessing- a greater appreciation of nature, birdsong, a sunny day, a starry nights sky, a smile from a stranger (lighting up their eyes, lips hidden by a mask), a wholesome, home cooked meal, a heartfelt message from a dear friend….

And whilst l haven’t been able to indulge in many naughty adventures this year the ones that l have had have been lots of fun! 😉 and I’m hoping for many more opportunities to enjoy myself in 2021! Fingers crossed…..

Overall, with the benefit of hindsight this year, despite the ups and downs – l still appreciate what l have and feel grateful to lead the life that l do. l hope that the same is true for you too.

Here’s me wishing you the best Christmas you can imagine right now and let’s hope for a much better New Year.

Sending you lots of kisses from afar!
Charlotte XxXx

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