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Christmas Gifts

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been very organised this year and have almost finished all my Christmas shopping 🙂


  • White Nylon Stockings – Ordered
  • White 8 Strap Suspender Belt – Ordered
  • White Silky Knickers – Check
  • Pink Satin Bra and Panties – Check
  • New Black and White Satin Basque and Matching Knickers- Ordered
  • Ridiculously High High Heels with an Seat Belt Ankle Strap To Stop Me Falling out Of Them – Still Looking
  • New Dress – Several Purchased and One Ordered
  • Some Naughty New Toys – Several Purchased One Still To Find
  • New Porn – Purchased
  • Favourite Condoms – Purchased

Well that’s me practically sorted, now all I need to do is get every body elses!!!! 😦

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ImageI’m so sorry that I haven’t written sooner. It’s all been rather busy of late! To all those who voted in the ‘What does that do?’ poll thank you very much 🙂 The right answer was in fact an attachment to a kitchen device, it’s a part of my juicer which my lovely friend Dollymopp saw on my kitchen side and assumed that it was something that I probably stuck up mine or some one elses bottom…. not that I don’t like things up my bottom on occasion ;)…. I just tend to refrain from using kitchen implements.

Thanks to all those who have voted in my ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?’ poll; hairy on top and smooth underneath is definitely in the lead so the days where a (hopefully extremely hot) beauty therapist aims a laser at my nether regions edge closer and closer…

If you haven’t voted – please do; it’s great to know what you think 🙂

So now for my next poll…


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Beautifully Buggered

Tonight I was exquisitely buggered for the first time (by him and for him) by a client of whom I am extremely fond.

It felt absolutely wonderful. In the past I have been extremely embarassed to admit to my love of anal sex whilst in relationships and I’ve had several long term relationships where it was strictly taboo, but thankfully since then, I have found many others who enjoy it just as much as I do!

I will never forget the first time, bent over my (then) boyfriends balcony, dripping wet after all the horny things we’d done together … he took his dripping wet cock out of my cunt and eased it into my tight arse hole, I knew I couldn’t make a sound as while it was 3am in the morning it was a very residential area and he fucked me, slow at first and it really hurt then harder and harder, rubbing my clit as I whimpered as quietly as I could, with his hand over my mouth and as my pain subsided my orgasm built and somehow he knew “Cum for me Baby” he whispered in my ear then he pumped his load deep inside me. It felt so wonderfully naughty to have his cum dripping from my virgin asshole. These days I use condoms (obviously) as I like to keep myself and my lovers safe from harm but I love to feel the twitch of their cock deep inside my arse when they cum!

Anyway 😉 I thought it might be an appropriate moment to share my late friend Sebastian Horsley’s advice on the topic of a woman introducing anal sex into a relationship…. which unfortunately got him sacked from writing for the Guardian 😦 Personally I don’t think what he wrote was particularly offensive but others did. See what you think.

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Stupid Suspenders

While I am very much in favour of stockings and suspenders  (I think all women look great in them, the way that they frame the most intimate parts of a woman’s body is in my mind deliciously sensual and not at all slutty – the perfect combination, the smooth stocking clad thigh giving way to soft warm skin.. then further up… anyway I diverse!) the current trend of attaching suspenders to knickers is just plain, darn stupid!

To get the knickers off….you’d have to unclip all the suspenders, roll off two stockings and then finally the knickers as well… and wouldn’t wearing knickers that are meant to hold up your stockings pull your knickers down?

Perhaps you’re thinking what if she’s wearing hold ups? Then all you’d have to do is unclip the suspenders and whip off her knickers! But if she was wearing hold ups then why the hell would she need suspenders!?

And I’m not even going to go into how much hassle it would be to get your knickers off if your suspenders were attached to your bra and worn over them… (see pic below).

The best way to wear suspenders is to put them and the stockings on first then the knickers over the top so that that when the right time comes they can be easily and speedily removed or, opt for no knickers at all which is an idea that I often tend to favour! 😉