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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas xxxx


Well here it is! Nearly another end to another year and in this Christmas month I have been given some very lovely Christmas kisses (amongst, of course far ruder things!); and I didn’t even get around to buying any mistle toe… cheap joke, I know, I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist it! I also got to see the lovely Amy ‘of Scarborough’ (check my lovely ladies blog page) this week, which is always a pleasure.

This time of year often finds me in a reflective mood and I feel very fortunate to say that 2012 has been a good one for me, I hope that it has been for you too; and if not that 2013 is better.

I’m off for the next little while seeing friends and family to share the festive spirit; but I’ll be back on the 4th of January, looking forward to new naughty adventures 😉

If you fancy meeting up for New Years treats please do email me but don’t be dismayed if it takes me a little while to answer, I will, as soon as I can, I promise.

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies and gentleman who have made this year so special for me xxxx

So that’s me, signing off for Christmas with just one last thing to say….

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Christmas Gifts

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been very organised this year and have almost finished all my Christmas shopping 🙂


  • White Nylon Stockings – Ordered
  • White 8 Strap Suspender Belt – Ordered
  • White Silky Knickers – Check
  • Pink Satin Bra and Panties – Check
  • New Black and White Satin Basque and Matching Knickers- Ordered
  • Ridiculously High High Heels with an Seat Belt Ankle Strap To Stop Me Falling out Of Them – Still Looking
  • New Dress – Several Purchased and One Ordered
  • Some Naughty New Toys – Several Purchased One Still To Find
  • New Porn – Purchased
  • Favourite Condoms – Purchased

Well that’s me practically sorted, now all I need to do is get every body elses!!!! 😦

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for being so pre occupied with pubic hair styles this month, next month I promise, I will find something else to write about!

I’ve been shaving (or waxing on the rare occasion that I have time enough time between sexual adventures to let my hair grow long enough) my ‘lower’ pubes for quite some time now. I like to have a little hair on my pubic ‘V’, above my cunt lips but I do think that being smooth underneath is much nicer, I love to lick a smooth, wet and slippery cunt.

Anyway, I’m thinking of getting mine lazered away. I’d love for my cunt lips to be baby soft, all of the time and it really isn’t that expensive these days. However, a friend of mine (also a naughty lady) posed an interesting question… what if it goes out of fashion to not have any hair ‘there’?! And do men/women really prefer it?

I’d really value your feed back! Thanks in advance for your opinion, I haven’t included nude/no hair in the poll as this isn’t something that I want to do xxx

P.S  I feel I must add this article to my post to all those who are considering pubic grooming… please do handle yourselves with care! xxx