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Things that Bite and Sting!

lady birdI have been fairly unlucky in my life when it comes to things that bite and sting! And some you might never have known actually do bite!

Off land I have been bitten by a fish (more than once!) while floating about in the sea and I have also been stung a jelly fish, thankfully not the dangerous kind but it still really hurt!

I have been stung by numerous wasps in a variety of situations, getting in to bed, putting on a shoe and in a post office Que to name but a few, at this point I am so used to it that it doesn’t even hurt that much but it’s still something that I try to avoid!

I have been stung by a bee twice; the first time during a shoe less stroll in a park with an ex boyfriend after fucking in some long grass, as bee sting allergies run in my family and having watched the film ‘My Girl’ as a kid (part of the story is about a boy dying from bee stings due to an allergy) I was quite worried it would kill me!
Although obviously I am here now writing this, so you’ll know that it didn’t and I am quite relieved to say, neither did it have any side affects apart from a bemused ex boyfriend who couldn’t really understand what the fuss was about and a sore foot!

I was also stung by a bee on the neck more recently walking down South Bank, thankfully some very kind shop girls pulled the sting out but I did have a lump on my neck for several days afterwards.

I got bitten by a considerable amount of the inhabitants of an ants nest that I sat and wee’d on as a child (learnt my lesson there!) and by red ants in a forest during a photo shoot, that flippin’ hurts I can tell you! I was also bitten on the breast by a lady bird while in the bath and by a spider during another photo shoot.

Of course mosquito’s love me too….and I have also been bitten/stung by a horse fly.

Growing up I was bitten by my friends gerbil, my sisters hamster (terrible pets for children in my opinion) and the family cat (the latter I admit I deserved; cats do not enjoy being dressed up as babies!). An ex boyfriends dog used to bite me too but he had jealously issues that we worked on and once they were resolved that stopped thankfully. I also had a narrow escape from being bitten by a rat (it’s a funny story, ask me if you meet me!).

There are a few things that I have yet to be stung/bitten by of which I am wary. These include dragon flies (pretty but evil); Daddy Long Legs (yes they do sting, really!) and leaf beetles.

I really hope that when it comes to the biters and the stingers in this world that you will never be quite just as unlucky!

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Sex on Wheels


I’ve just watched a brilliant programme about disabled people having sex, mostly with escorts (including the lovely Laura Lee) starring some very, very sexy disabled people.

It reminded me of a very sexy, disabled East Londoner who kissed and fucked me with such raw passion it drove me crazy; we spent a wonderful no holes barred session in bed that I will never forget. 🙂