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New Years Resolutions

My Resolutions Pocket Notebook Set With Gold Foil

I don’t do the whole New Years Resolutions, New Lifestyle thing. January is a grey, cold, horrible month and making it harder seems a tad cruel to onself. I prefer to make my big changes in the Spring when the flowers start poking their heads out of the ground – by the time I see daffodils I’m postively exultant!

Anyway if I find myself getting a little of the January blues I do things which always make me feel better – I take a Vitamin D supplement and count my blessings by practicising gratitude. The diet and new exercise program will start in March and I’m looking forward to them – but for now what I’m most grateful for is all the lovely people that come and share my bed, sex also makes me feel very happy 🙂

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The Unfortunate Shame

It’s my belief that if we all were truly sexually liberated and free there would be no shame in paying for sex – for the simple fact that it makes us feel better. I am aware however and saddened by the fact that many of my clients feel a deep seated sense of guilt about their visits to me.

Still, in a culture which has epitomized the culture of shame and fear to control society – it’s an unfortunate truth that many of us feel that we cannot be accepted in our entirety, our wants, our dreams, our sexuality and own unique selves must be hidden, in fear of the fact that they maybe used as tools to hurt and destroy us. Our so called weaknesses are constantly being sought to be exploited.

The silly thing – is we all have weaknesses and moments in time when we seek and need nurture and that’s all part of being human. I think one of the strongest things we can do in times of trouble is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to seek out those who can help us without judgement, through warm acceptance, intimacy and loving touch – it can boost us up and bring us joy.
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New Year, New Years Resolution…

As any one who knows me well will know – I don’t usually do New Years Resoultions; however I am going to make one this year  …. which is to keep my new erotic photography blog up to date with some of my favourite sexy pics 🙂

You can find it here: The London Libertine or via the erotic photography tab on my website … enjoy! 😉

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Winter Celebrations

Ah Winter. Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas to look forward to……

I am desperately trying to resist not ‘decorating’ my flat for Halloween. Although I promise to treat rather than trick any visitors coming to mine around Halloween Time.
Bonfire Night at my parents village is always fun… there are a few ex military types in charge of the fire works (one of whom I really fancy and we do flirt but he is married and it’s a bit too close to home to end up ‘accidentally’ sucking his cock, as much as I would like to) who make sure things always go off with a big bang! Mothers delicious but lethal cider should be ready by then too (to be treated with extreme caution on account of unmeasured but deceptively high levels of alcohol) there are drunken casualties ever year.. those who know it sip it!
Then there’s Christmas; now gentlemen I suggest ditching the Mistletoe this year and gifting your partner some of this instead… 😉 If you’re single then maybe attach some Mistletoe around it but don’t go blaming me if you get a slap!
deep throat
Ladies, I’d recommend sticking to somewhat more traditional methods 😉 although actually getting it inked may be a touch too far for most!
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Things that Bite and Sting!

lady birdI have been fairly unlucky in my life when it comes to things that bite and sting! And some you might never have known actually do bite!

Off land I have been bitten by a fish (more than once!) while floating about in the sea and I have also been stung a jelly fish, thankfully not the dangerous kind but it still really hurt!

I have been stung by numerous wasps in a variety of situations, getting in to bed, putting on a shoe and in a post office Que to name but a few, at this point I am so used to it that it doesn’t even hurt that much but it’s still something that I try to avoid!

I have been stung by a bee twice; the first time during a shoe less stroll in a park with an ex boyfriend after fucking in some long grass, as bee sting allergies run in my family and having watched the film ‘My Girl’ as a kid (part of the story is about a boy dying from bee stings due to an allergy) I was quite worried it would kill me!
Although obviously I am here now writing this, so you’ll know that it didn’t and I am quite relieved to say, neither did it have any side affects apart from a bemused ex boyfriend who couldn’t really understand what the fuss was about and a sore foot!

I was also stung by a bee on the neck more recently walking down South Bank, thankfully some very kind shop girls pulled the sting out but I did have a lump on my neck for several days afterwards.

I got bitten by a considerable amount of the inhabitants of an ants nest that I sat and wee’d on as a child (learnt my lesson there!) and by red ants in a forest during a photo shoot, that flippin’ hurts I can tell you! I was also bitten on the breast by a lady bird while in the bath and by a spider during another photo shoot.

Of course mosquito’s love me too….and I have also been bitten/stung by a horse fly.

Growing up I was bitten by my friends gerbil, my sisters hamster (terrible pets for children in my opinion) and the family cat (the latter I admit I deserved; cats do not enjoy being dressed up as babies!). An ex boyfriends dog used to bite me too but he had jealously issues that we worked on and once they were resolved that stopped thankfully. I also had a narrow escape from being bitten by a rat (it’s a funny story, ask me if you meet me!).

There are a few things that I have yet to be stung/bitten by of which I am wary. These include dragon flies (pretty but evil); Daddy Long Legs (yes they do sting, really!) and leaf beetles.

I really hope that when it comes to the biters and the stingers in this world that you will never be quite just as unlucky!

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My Secret Life

When I originally discovered that the Independent ran a regular article in their Sunday magazine entitled ‘My Secret Life’ I was enraged and assumed that a journalist had stolen my nickname; further investigation proved that it had been around for far longer than I had, so I have kept quiet until now. However, I thought it might be fun to answer their standard questions…
My parents are… Fairly eccentric, rather like their daughter! My father was delighted by the mad cow disease scare because it drastically brought down the price of beef, we ate a lot of beef! He later stock piled tins of beef to feed his entire family in case of a bird flu epidemic. It was, he said an act of love, to be able to feed his family in troubled times. My mother eventually managed to persuade him to reduce his hoard. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t still have some hidden away somewhere though.
My Mother was rather horrified by blatant sexuality and found and threw away the best erotic porn stash that I have ever owned. I still mourn/miss it!
The household I grew up in… always had a cat, sometimes hamsters and the occasional fair ground goldfish which tended to live for as long as it had taken to win it. Thinking about it in hindsight, I hope they don’t still give away goldfish as prizes it’s rather cruel.
Oh and I had two sisters too, who are both rather lovely and two of my closest friends.
When I was a child I wanted to be…  A Mermaid. (Yes, really!)
You wouldn’t know it but I am very good at… People management, the one thing I really miss about being singularly self employed is recruiting, managing and supporting a team for the greater good.
You may not know it but I’m no good at… Sewing. Thank god for dry cleaners! And my sister, much loved for her button sewing skills!
I wish I had never worn… Shell suits! But it was the 80’s, everybody wore them… until we discovered just how flammable they were! Thankfully I never wore mine on bonfire night.
My favourite item of clothing.. Is my grey satin basque, it is beautiful and I feel beautiful in it.
My house is… very modern and as uncluttered as possible. It’s in a great area of London close to the river and I feel very lucky to live here.
A book that changed me… The Pearl by Anonymous; a very rude book of victorian erotica which shaped my sexuality at the tender age of twelve.
My secret crush… is Jimmy Carr, I was working as a bar assistant during the Edinburgh Festival just before he got really famous. I was bar tending during one of his shows and his frequent jokes about anal sex made me think that we’d get on very well in bed! I made him coffee once… now there’s my claim to fame!
My real-life villains… Are highly judgemental people – they divide our world and cause so much unnecessary suffering. Strong people don’t put others down, they lift them up.
The last time I cried… Was when I found out that Father Christmas only cums once a year, it’s very sad….He should come to see me! I bet he’d love my Christmas stockings!
Ok. Very Bad Joke, I’ll stop now!
My five-year plan… I love what I do so I’m hoping to be here in five years time, still doing the same thing, loving life, having fun and sharing it with other people.
What’s the point? I really think that having fun is the key to life and I feel very lucky to be able to share that with others.
My life in six words… Fun, Naughty, Adventurous, Lucky and Well Lived.
A life in brief Charlotte grew up in London in the 1980’s and was highly driven by her sex drive from her very early teens. She lost her virginity to a German tourist in his hotel room in Covent Garden when she was fifteen.
She was disappointed by the act at first but was later seduced by an older neighbour who taught her many filthy things and sent her on a journey of sexual exploration. Thankfully she seduced and later fell in love with an older man at the age of sixteen which kept her out of mischief until she was twenty one.
From there she went on to explore BDSM, group sex and porn before another long term relationship rendered her relatively innocent. When that relationship ended she returned to the adult industry as an independent escort in her late twenties, specialising in the girl friend experience which she enjoyed so much that she gave up her day job in order to give it her full energy and attention; and still very much enjoys to this day.
She has had many other professional roles; previous jobs have included accountancy, project management, various management roles within charities and the NHS and massage therapy… which she still practices; only with a very naughty twist….. 😉
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Any ideas will be gratefully received!

Thank you for all who partook in the last ‘What on earth is this?’ poll, the correct answer was in fact a masturbation aid (for men please see below).


I’m getting the impression that ‘What on earth is this?’ polls aren’t really that popular so I’m going to stop doing them; however I would really value your ideas for my up coming photo shoot which is on Monday – many apologies for the short deadline!!

I’ll be working with the lady who took this much admired pic:

We’re looking to re create similar naughty images, I know a lot of you like the secretary look, so there will be plenty of that! We want to create mostly semi clothed, tongue in cheek pictures, things like getting ready for work, pulling up stockings and/or applying lipstick in a skirt, heels and bra and ‘oops I’m accidently flashing my knickers/bra/nipples’, seemingly innocent images but with a naughty twist!

Any ideas for a good picture would be gratefully received either via the comments option at the bottom of this blog or by email (, if you are feeling shy 😉

Many thanks in advance, Charlotte xxxxx

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for being so pre occupied with pubic hair styles this month, next month I promise, I will find something else to write about!

I’ve been shaving (or waxing on the rare occasion that I have time enough time between sexual adventures to let my hair grow long enough) my ‘lower’ pubes for quite some time now. I like to have a little hair on my pubic ‘V’, above my cunt lips but I do think that being smooth underneath is much nicer, I love to lick a smooth, wet and slippery cunt.

Anyway, I’m thinking of getting mine lazered away. I’d love for my cunt lips to be baby soft, all of the time and it really isn’t that expensive these days. However, a friend of mine (also a naughty lady) posed an interesting question… what if it goes out of fashion to not have any hair ‘there’?! And do men/women really prefer it?

I’d really value your feed back! Thanks in advance for your opinion, I haven’t included nude/no hair in the poll as this isn’t something that I want to do xxx

P.S  I feel I must add this article to my post to all those who are considering pubic grooming… please do handle yourselves with care! xxx