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New Year, New Years Resolution…

As any one who knows me well will know – I don’t usually do New Years Resoultions; however I am going to make one this year  …. which is to keep my new erotic photography blog up to date with some of my favourite sexy pics 🙂

You can find it here: The London Libertine or via the erotic photography tab on my website … enjoy! 😉

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Winter Celebrations

Ah Winter. Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas to look forward to……

I am desperately trying to resist not ‘decorating’ my flat for Halloween. Although I promise to treat rather than trick any visitors coming to mine around Halloween Time.
Bonfire Night at my parents village is always fun… there are a few ex military types in charge of the fire works (one of whom I really fancy and we do flirt but he is married and it’s a bit too close to home to end up ‘accidentally’ sucking his cock, as much as I would like to) who make sure things always go off with a big bang! Mothers delicious but lethal cider should be ready by then too (to be treated with extreme caution on account of unmeasured but deceptively high levels of alcohol) there are drunken casualties ever year.. those who know it sip it!
Then there’s Christmas; now gentlemen I suggest ditching the Mistletoe this year and gifting your partner some of this instead… 😉 If you’re single then maybe attach some Mistletoe around it but don’t go blaming me if you get a slap!
deep throat
Ladies, I’d recommend sticking to somewhat more traditional methods 😉 although actually getting it inked may be a touch too far for most!
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It’s that time of year again….. xxx

Yes, indeed it was my Birthday yesterday; Oooh 33 how did that happen? Well of course, I know how it happened really, but it’s just come around so fast and I haven’t grown up yet, perhaps I should have done by now?

For example; I find this very funny! which is surely a sign of immaturity!?

Although, I would say I am much better in bed than I was in my early twenties now that I’m in my early  thirties (at 33 can I still claim to be early thirties?). Anyway I had a nice time with my nearest and dearest with more celebrations to come; I have also just had my first good seeing to as a 33 year old. Thank you.. you know who you are!

Although I’m actually a Tuesday’s child, I do love this David Bowie video about getting older: (sorry about the sub titles, I think this video has been officaily pulled but there’s still this copy!) personally I think they were both hot when they were younger but even hotter when they were older!

So now that the somewhat dreaded birthday has been and gone what next does this month have in store? Valentines day…. I’m not a big fan to be honest. However; I have secured a dinner date with one of London’s top naughty ladies; Dollymopp and I’m looking forward to taking sneaky glances at her cleaverage somewhere candlelit and romantic; although being very good friends we won’t be going to bed together, it could spoil things.

Thankfully before our ‘date’ I have a gorgeous toy boy to play with, so as Valentines Days go, I think this one is going to be pretty damn fine. I even got a Valentines Day card (Thanks Mum, I do recognise your hand writing you know… I used to copy it all the time when I was at school, I used it for all the fake sick notes that I created to cover for all the times that I’d found a naughty boy to play with when I should have been studying!). Luckily all my naughty ‘studying’ came in handy in the end!

Anyway… one last thing to say; here’s wishing you a Very Happy Valentines Day XxXxXxXx

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Any ideas will be gratefully received!

Thank you for all who partook in the last ‘What on earth is this?’ poll, the correct answer was in fact a masturbation aid (for men please see below).


I’m getting the impression that ‘What on earth is this?’ polls aren’t really that popular so I’m going to stop doing them; however I would really value your ideas for my up coming photo shoot which is on Monday – many apologies for the short deadline!!

I’ll be working with the lady who took this much admired pic:

We’re looking to re create similar naughty images, I know a lot of you like the secretary look, so there will be plenty of that! We want to create mostly semi clothed, tongue in cheek pictures, things like getting ready for work, pulling up stockings and/or applying lipstick in a skirt, heels and bra and ‘oops I’m accidently flashing my knickers/bra/nipples’, seemingly innocent images but with a naughty twist!

Any ideas for a good picture would be gratefully received either via the comments option at the bottom of this blog or by email (, if you are feeling shy 😉

Many thanks in advance, Charlotte xxxxx

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for being so pre occupied with pubic hair styles this month, next month I promise, I will find something else to write about!

I’ve been shaving (or waxing on the rare occasion that I have time enough time between sexual adventures to let my hair grow long enough) my ‘lower’ pubes for quite some time now. I like to have a little hair on my pubic ‘V’, above my cunt lips but I do think that being smooth underneath is much nicer, I love to lick a smooth, wet and slippery cunt.

Anyway, I’m thinking of getting mine lazered away. I’d love for my cunt lips to be baby soft, all of the time and it really isn’t that expensive these days. However, a friend of mine (also a naughty lady) posed an interesting question… what if it goes out of fashion to not have any hair ‘there’?! And do men/women really prefer it?

I’d really value your feed back! Thanks in advance for your opinion, I haven’t included nude/no hair in the poll as this isn’t something that I want to do xxx

P.S  I feel I must add this article to my post to all those who are considering pubic grooming… please do handle yourselves with care! xxx



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Stupid Suspenders

While I am very much in favour of stockings and suspenders  (I think all women look great in them, the way that they frame the most intimate parts of a woman’s body is in my mind deliciously sensual and not at all slutty – the perfect combination, the smooth stocking clad thigh giving way to soft warm skin.. then further up… anyway I diverse!) the current trend of attaching suspenders to knickers is just plain, darn stupid!

To get the knickers off….you’d have to unclip all the suspenders, roll off two stockings and then finally the knickers as well… and wouldn’t wearing knickers that are meant to hold up your stockings pull your knickers down?

Perhaps you’re thinking what if she’s wearing hold ups? Then all you’d have to do is unclip the suspenders and whip off her knickers! But if she was wearing hold ups then why the hell would she need suspenders!?

And I’m not even going to go into how much hassle it would be to get your knickers off if your suspenders were attached to your bra and worn over them… (see pic below).

The best way to wear suspenders is to put them and the stockings on first then the knickers over the top so that that when the right time comes they can be easily and speedily removed or, opt for no knickers at all which is an idea that I often tend to favour! 😉