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Christmas Gifts

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been very organised this year and have almost finished all my Christmas shopping 🙂


  • White Nylon Stockings – Ordered
  • White 8 Strap Suspender Belt – Ordered
  • White Silky Knickers – Check
  • Pink Satin Bra and Panties – Check
  • New Black and White Satin Basque and Matching Knickers- Ordered
  • Ridiculously High High Heels with an Seat Belt Ankle Strap To Stop Me Falling out Of Them – Still Looking
  • New Dress – Several Purchased and One Ordered
  • Some Naughty New Toys – Several Purchased One Still To Find
  • New Porn – Purchased
  • Favourite Condoms – Purchased

Well that’s me practically sorted, now all I need to do is get every body elses!!!! 😦

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Maintaining and Decorating a Lady Garden

When I trained as a beauty therapist, many moons ago and in a knee jerk reaction to my accountancy training (I prefer people to figures!) it was the norm for a bikini wax to be just that! Clients would keep their knickers on and you’d tuck bits of tissue into the sides to avoid getting their knickers sticky and then they’d hold them up a bit so you could wax just a little bit higher than their bikini line and get the bits around their bum that peeked out on either side of their knickers and that was it.

I’ll never forget the time when I re entered my treatment room (it’s the norm to leave clients to get undressed and then return with a knock to the door to make sure that they are ready) to be presented with a beautiful bare pussy topped with long, strawberry coloured pubes sported by a gorgeous lady with a slender figure and perfect alabaster skin.

I didn’t know where to look, I fancied her like crazy and here she was exposing her most intimate parts to me! But of course, I had to look and appear professional about it; as it was my job to tame her lady garden, not just to perv at it!

To make matters worse her pubes were far too long to wax without causing her considerable bruising, I think it might have been her first bikini wax so she didn’t know the protocol with regards to keeping her knickers on and pubes short (they need to be a max of around 1.5cm or the quick action of a wax strip won’t pull them out but rather cause trauma to the very delicate skin in that area) so with trembling hands (and a very wet cunt) I set about gently trimming and waxing her muff and making it even more pretty.

Another memorable waxing occasion came about when our receptionist accepted an appointment for a ‘back, sack and crack wax’ which was not a service that any of us had trained for and certainly didn’t offer but she had not taken a phone number and himself and his wife had travelled some considerable distance in order to get it.

My boss was meant to do the husband but as she was a shy and retiring type, much more comfortable in female company she was freaking out no end, so I offered to do it and she took his wife, whom I suspect wanted a full wax too, which was also something that we didn’t offer.

I have always been fairly open minded, had already begun some exploration into BDSM and I suspect was also shooting some amateur porn in my spare time at the time so was less phased but none the less, I had no training in offering this service which I explained to the gentleman when he entered the treatment room; but he was still keen to go ahead (more about that later).

The back wax went without issue and then he removed his briefs (I remember it vividly!) and it was time to wax off all his pubic hair. This is actually quite a skilled operation to undertake without bruising. I managed the pubic ‘v’ without hurting him but when it came to his balls, I bruised him deeply with the first rip of the wax strip. At precisely the same time as I caused this damage his cock came rising to full attention.

I was devastated that I had hurt him and didn’t want to carry on but it was then that he admitted that he was in a Domme/sub relationship with him being the submissive partner, that he had been ordered to do this and he quite enjoyed the pain which remained distinctly obvious throughout the rest of the treatment; as his cock twitched, jerked and leaked copious amounts of pre cum at every, single rip.

He was black and blue by the time I had finished with him and was very appreciative at being left alone ‘to get dressed’ although I did point out a box of tissues that he might want to ‘wipe himself down with’ and they were considerably depleted on my return to the room!!

These days though, it seems that beauty therapists are far less demure than they were when I trained and practised when it comes to the pubic area! I went for an eyebrow wax in the summer and ended up with a full brazilian (a landing strip and nothing else! She wanted to do it all but I actually prefer to have a little hair down there).

I screamed the place down as it hurt like crazy but I was pretty happy with the result 😉 She was also rather fascinated with my clit hood piercing and gave it a little rub which was rather pleasant and I should be ashamed to say that the combination of a fair amount of pain (I’m also a submissive not adverse to a little pain here and there) combined with a little pleasure and an attractive lady paying lots of attention to my cunt meant that I left her on an endorphin high and tipped her a ridiculous amount, leaving the salon feeling rather wet!

Today, I went for an eyebrow wax and I would have actually have considered something more intimate if my pubes were a little longer but they weren’t so it’s back to the razor for me! Anyway this did not deter my therapist in the slightest, who on realizing that waxing was not an option was very keen to ‘vajazzle’ me to the point where she rushed out of her treatment room to fetch her ‘phone and show me pictures of a vast array of pussies with added sparkly bits. I’m sorry to say that it looked rather tacky to me but each to their own and I did enjoy looking at all the different ladies bits! She was very friendly though and rather cute … and clearly enjoyed looking at, attending to and taking pictures of ladies intimate parts so perhaps if my hair grows long enough I’ll go for back there for a cunt wax!! 😉

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Stupid Suspenders

While I am very much in favour of stockings and suspenders  (I think all women look great in them, the way that they frame the most intimate parts of a woman’s body is in my mind deliciously sensual and not at all slutty – the perfect combination, the smooth stocking clad thigh giving way to soft warm skin.. then further up… anyway I diverse!) the current trend of attaching suspenders to knickers is just plain, darn stupid!

To get the knickers off….you’d have to unclip all the suspenders, roll off two stockings and then finally the knickers as well… and wouldn’t wearing knickers that are meant to hold up your stockings pull your knickers down?

Perhaps you’re thinking what if she’s wearing hold ups? Then all you’d have to do is unclip the suspenders and whip off her knickers! But if she was wearing hold ups then why the hell would she need suspenders!?

And I’m not even going to go into how much hassle it would be to get your knickers off if your suspenders were attached to your bra and worn over them… (see pic below).

The best way to wear suspenders is to put them and the stockings on first then the knickers over the top so that that when the right time comes they can be easily and speedily removed or, opt for no knickers at all which is an idea that I often tend to favour! 😉

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An Eventful Two Weeks!

My laptop blew up in a cloud of black smoke a few days back, so I am sorry that I haven’t been online to say ‘hello’ sooner, I’ve borrowed a friends laptop while I contemplate my next foray into new technology.

I think it’s fair to say that more has happened in my life in the last few weeks than it has in the last two months! I am now back from a lovely holiday in the sun and I have moved to Zone 1 to a lovely new flat a stones throw away from the river and the delightful Dollymopp who I am meeting for dinner this evening. No more hotels for me, I can now entertain from home which is something that I am very excited about! I must dash as I better get ready for dinner but I’ll write more soon I promise. C xxxx

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A Beggar with Soft Hands

I do believe that it’s important to give something back to those in need when I am going through times of good fortune and my chosen charities are help for heroes and the street homeless of London. I also believe that those doing the collecting for help for heroes should be supported and encouraged, as long as they are not chuggers; which I don’t believe that they employ. I remember , not so long ago seeing young soldiers in uniform in Victoria Station collecting for help for heroes and people were just streaming past them acting as if they weren’t even there – I was disgusted. I always aim to give as much money as I can to registered help the heroes collectors as our armed forces put their lives and livelihood at huge risk for us, with very little in support quite often, when things go wrong.

And ahem. As some of you know I do have a thing for soldiers in uniform too… but I don’t think that enjoying giving money to handsome young men in uniform is necessarily a bad thing. I’ll also never forget my night with two handsome marines but that is all I have to say on that particular matter…

I know that not everyone believes that you should give money to homeless people as they are bound to spend the money on ‘drink and drugs’ well I’m sure that some of them do but I don’t feel that it’s my right to judge them – it’s pretty tough on the streets, I have done both paid and voluntary work with them for years on and off and what they choose to do with the money is up to them; I do avoid those who appear to be obviously high or drunk because they are already in a vulnerable state and I have seen what heroin and severe alcoholism can do, I don’t want to support it but if they have a habit that they are managing then that’s their business, not mine. I give as many pound coins as I can spare and the money may go on booze and fags (and I don’t care if it does) but it may just as well go towards food for them, their dog, a hostel for the night … and often does I think, much better that it goes to them rather than to a chuggers wages; or nameless charity admin costs.

The thing about London’s homeless is unless you speak to them how can you possibly know why they are there or if they are decent people? And I do, a lot, whenever I can. It’s a really rough deal, long term homeless people have dramatically reduced life expectancy and I think unsurprisingly are much more like to develop drug and alcohol addictions which they often did not have until they hit the street. Then to make matters worse so much of society treat them like a subspecies not worthy of even a smile or a few easily spared coins; and smiles do matter even if money isn’t given. So I do give to the homeless whenever I can and if I can’t then I still catch their eyes; and wish them well.

A lot of them are ex soldiers; ex prisoners, people with mental health problems who quite clearly aren’t ‘cared for in the community’ ex care home children and victims of abuse; domestic, physical and sexual. Is there any wonder that ex soldiers who entered service at a very early age (and often to escape troubled home life’s) are left in turmoil on leaving the army without adequate support end up on the streets? That ex prisoners, as we know statistically are very likely to re offend when they are given so little support that they end up on the streets? Why the victims of abuse flee broken from their homes with no funds and no trust and do the best to take care of themselves and end up on the streets? And those with severe mental health problems and no support do too..

Sometimes, just sometimes I do think that the wool has been pulled over my eyes… like tonight! As I went to buy a good bottle of wine there was a girl sitting outside the shop in the rain with a cap by her feet. I stopped and asked if there was anything I could get her and she looked up appreciatively and asked for a spicy pepperoni sausage; two if I could manage it. I was happy to oblige as I used to be quite a fan of them myself until I realised that they mostly contained glucose (weird for such a savoury tasting snack) and that there were healthier ways for me to boost and maintain my blood sugar levels. She took the sausages from me gratefully and rapidly devoured her first; and as I walked away asked me for some spare change. I dug through my purse and located some pound coins which I passed into her incredibly soft hands. If she was homeless then she hadn’t been for long! But who am I to judge? There she was sitting lonely on the cold, hard pavement begging for money while I walked back to a warm flat to share nice wine with a good friend.

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Incall Availability July 2012

My remaining availability for the month of July is as follows:

16th July – 20th July Afternoons and evenings; Caledonian Road – 3 mins walk from the tube; one stop from Kings Cross Station.

I’m probably going to be around for a few days after that; in the afternoons for incalls entertaining from hotels based in London Bridge, Bloomsbury and Gloucester Road by prior arrangement (rooms at my expense, not yours) and in the afternoon and evening for outcalls.I’m then off on my hols’ returning in early August xxxxx

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‘Happy Endings’

I went for a massage in Soho today. I bet if you are a man reading this and you’d done the same, it isn’t something that you’d be admitting to! Massage and naughtiness being so close in association when it comes to services provided for gentleman; especially in places as salubrious as Soho.

I actually went to Soho SPECIFICALLY because I thought that it may be the place where I could finally find what I have been looking for, for a very long time. A massage parlor that offers women happy endings by women!! Oh to be able to just drop by and get my body and my bits rubbed by a nice lady whenever I felt like it, that would be heaven!

Anyway; back to today… no extras offered or even hinted at but after an excruciating groin massage I wasn’t feeling so much in the mood anyway! Her strokes were definitely not seductive but highly professional and as a fellow massage therapist I could not complain one bit – she knew what she was doing.

I could try a tantric masseuse who sees ladies but I’m a little bit skeptical of the whole tantric thing after my recent explorations .. I can all too easily imagine handing over a couple of hundred pounds only to find that the only thing on offer was ‘orgasmic breathing’ at the end of the massage or some other nonsense which bears no relation at all to some skillful fingers or a persistent tongue or best of all both!

I am very jealous of how easy it is for men to get what they want from the sex industry. I’d happily pay as it makes things far less complicated. I’m not looking for a relationship AND I have great sex… but to be able to pay to just lay back, relax and be massaged, stroked and licked into orgasm by a lady, that would be brilliant! I wouldn’t want a client to do this for me (although some very kind ones have offered!) because I want to be completely selfish!

Anyway….I think I may just have had one of those ‘eureka’ moments….I wonder if lesbians have ‘special’ massage parlors that have naughty ladies … ? I’m off to do some in depth  research!

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Free to love xx

I have been having a wonderful time of late with new and old friends who share one thing in common; the ability to be very close, loving almost I would say without the ties of a conventional relationship. It makes my heart full and happy to have such loving, tender and ultimately very rude experiences with people that I have the uppermost respect for but more rewarding than that for me is the kindness, tenderness and respect that they have for me. I cannot express how amazing that feels.Being a free spirit I kind of; and I say kind of because I don’t believe one should ever close any door entirely, denying oneself of possibility is in my mind both limiting and foolish but never the less I am too happy enjoying my freedom with a select number of ladies and gentlemen whose company I enjoy immensely; I have kind of ruled out a relationship. Not in a ‘poor me’ kind of way but more in a ‘very, very lucky’ me to be able to share so much joy and intimacy with more than one person.Yes, it is about the sex, I adore sex, I am a very sexual person but it is also about a meeting of minds, a mutual respect and a moment of love and tenderness without ties. I really could not want for more. Thank you my lovelies, thank you so much. XxXx