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New Boudoir

Hello! I hope you had a lovely bank holiday despite the bad weather and that the thought of going back to work tomorrow isn’t too dreary a prospect!

It’s been just over a month now since I’ve relocated to Bayswater, so I think it’s about time to reveal my new boudoir! I’ve still got a four poster bed on order but apart from that I’ve settled in nicely (the old bed is fine but I’ve always fancied a four poster!).

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Misunderstanding Song Lyrics …

I have a kind of a geeky secret …. I’m a bit of a Meat Loaf fan .. I especially enjoy “I will do anything for love but I won’t do that” although I must admit that while it’s almost certainly not about anal sex it does remind me of my first true love who wouldn’t do “that” either! Which is much less important to me now, if at all, I enjoy it but it’s not an essential ‘thing’ that guarentees that I’m having a good time – I just knew I liked it then and wanted to do it because it was rude … and well, most of the time- he didn’t!

I was similarly confused about the Summer of 69 by Brian Adams – I always thought he sung “I got my first real “sex dream” rather than six string and he was talking about wanking and chatting up girls, sex for the first time, those heady Summer flingsย  … and quite possibly the ’69 postion’ but if you listen to it carefully can you blame me? Or perhaps I just have a dirty mind…

The one song that I never got confused about was this one … which I must admit to being a great way of pulling at my local night club.. A look, a wink and a long, languid smile with lots of eye contact pretty much guarenteed I’d be going home with whoever I wanted! Which was nice ๐Ÿ˜‰