My Sexy Secret Life

Extinction Rebellion

Stopping good, hard working people going to work, making them late, through no fault of their own, leading them to get their wages docked and/or depleting the time that they can spend with their children and loved ones (and can afford to spend with their nearest and dearest directly because of additional travelling times/and or loss of earnings therefore needing to work longer hours) being compromised is not OK.

How is this helping humanity?   I rebel against your tactics furthermore, l do not respect them.

My Sexy Secret Life

Are you finding it hard to sleep?

Then the film by one of my most favourite comedians below might help…. on the other hand, if you’d like to feel more alive please do get in touch! 😉

I’ll be staying in some nice London Hotels again soon, looking for good company and fun times 🙂

l’m now actively flat hunting, and l should be back living in the City Centre permanently by November at the very latest.

Looking forward to seeing you in the not too distant future 🙂 xxxx

My Sexy Secret Life

A Lesson in Life

l first heard this track in my early twenties when l was living with an amateur DJ – l thought l was super ‘cool’… l’ll be 40 in February. Argh… oh well, it happens to all of us … And if l could trade my twenty year old body for my life experience and general level of contentment, well l wouldn’t 😉

I am sure l have posted this video somewhere in my blog before but as l get older it becomes more and more poignant…. l hope you enjoy it as much as l do 🙂

My Sexy Secret Life

Come and see me soon :) xxxx

I’m looking forward to getting back to Central London, and living and loving all that it has to offer in the Autumn 🙂

I am looking at flats on a regular basis but unless they are absolutely perfect, they’re not good enough.

In the meantime I have had some wonderful adventures! And will be staying in some very nice and discrete London Hotels much more come early August…. So do get in touch and hopefully we’ll arrange something naughty 😉

l’ve shared this video before but forgive me for repeating myself, l think this explains my sentiments completely….

Well, not quite … l have an incredibly high sex drive and a massive ‘oral fixation’ as Freud may describe it 😉


My Sexy Secret Life

Well hello there! Xxxx


Its been a while; l know but l promise l have neither forgotten nor have any intention of giving up on my naughty adventures any time soon, trust me!

The project l am working on over the Summer while not without its obstacles and if l am being totally honest was, at the beginning very hard indeed is now getting on even better than l ever could have imagined. Much more work needs to be done, but it is work that l am enjoying 🙂

l will be dipping in and out of London over the Summer months before returning to my beloved city in the Autumn, so if you do have any lascivious liaisons in mind then please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and let’s see what we can do to make them happen 😉