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Fully Fashioned Stockings ..

I simply do not get the allure of old fashioned stockings with no elasticity.. no matter how many suspender clips I use they are always falling down and looking wrinkled.. far from sexy – they remind me of Nora Batty!! I hope you enjoy this song about her stockings! Followed by a rather lovely tribute to the last of the summer wine, which feels especially poignant at this time of year…

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Autumn is Coming ….

After a wonderful Summer the time has come for the trees to prepare for Winter here in London – Autumn is upon us and Hyde Park is a plethora of beautifully coloured leaves falling out of the sky.

Although a part of me is sad that Winter creeps so slyly closer, another part of me relishes the excuse to spend lots more time in bed – warm and cosy – naughty and nice … why go outside in the cold, when we can stay inside and play together …? 🙂
It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy each other’s body heat, now that the Summer sun has bid it’s farewell..

Hope to see you soon … Xxxx

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Why I Love Tourists :)

My Secret life

I know a lot of Londoners profess to hating tourists – I know I did when I was at uni, with various campus’s around Oxford Street! I dreamed of cattle herders, fast lanes for non tourists and/ or a big scary dog! But in fairness, I was ready to blame anyone for being late for lessons, without the emotional awareness to realise that actually, being on time was my own responsibility (although it’s something my siblings and I are still trying to teach our parents)!

As I’ve got older and have been lucky enough to enjoy many years living in central London, I am grateful for the seemingly pointless and slow mearanderings of the tourists who come to visit this beautiful city – they remind me of how very fortunate I am to live here – while being relatively well travelled this place, my home, still remains my most favourite city 🙂

I loved living in London Bridge and seeing how excited tourists were about places like Tower Bridge, Borough Market and wandering (slowly!) down the Thames taking in the beautiful sights, with smiles, photos and genuine excitement – even in the rain! It made ME smile and appreciate how very lucky I am to live here.

Now I’ve moved to Bayswater, I just love wandering around Hyde Park, Mayfair, Marylebone, Kensington and (surprisingly!) Oxford Street 🙂 which, is now only a stroll away from where I live 🙂 And if you are thinking of coming to visit but need to be discrete, it’s a very good excuse to disappear for an hour or two for a shopping trip in the capital or to attend some of the amazing museums or art galleries near by or maybe combine the two 🙂

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Happy Bank Holiday :)

As the whole area gears up for the Nottinghill Carnival, it’s somewhat surreal here in Central West London. Oceans of red stripe fill fridges usually stocked up with wine and there is a bin on Bayswater High Street where people can dispose of their weapons.
Nearby Tescos (and a few other shops) has boarded up it’s Windows and beefed up the security team “”it’s like preparing for war” one member of staff tells me, “it’s cheaper to board up the windows than have them being broken” he adds that ‘looting’ is a common problem over this particular bank holiday weekend.

In the back streets of Marylebone I spot six members of police in uniform and two vans, one kitted out for ‘prisoners’, a strong smell of marijuana permeates the surrounding area.

Image result for bbq in the rainPersonally, I won’t be going to the Carnival- I have another great British tradition to attend to – a family bbq in the rain – however being older and wiser these days I’ll be eating before I get there, to avoid the food poisoning!!!

Anyway, whatever you get up to, I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend, and I’ll see you on the other side 🙂 Xxx