When are you available?  I am generally available Monday – Friday from 2pm – 9pm. Weekends are also do able but I tend to need more notice. To check my diary please look here

Do you take same day appointments?
Sorry, I’m afraid not.

Are you tested for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)?

Yes, I take my sexual health (and yours) very seriously and I take STI tests on a very regular basis.

I don’t really know what I want can you guess?

I’m afraid even if I were clairvoyant I wouldn’t know what you wanted if you didn’t know either, why not have a look here: turn ons then tell me what you fancy 🙂

I am not confident about my looks/ and or size; I am worried that you wouldn’t find  me attractive…

I’m a sapiosexual, I find intelligence and personality the most attractive part of a person. To be honest, my greatest turn off is vanity.

Does my ethnic background or race bother you?

No, not at all.

Does my age bother you?

I very much enjoy the company of ‘mature’ *ladies and gentlemen.. I fully embrace  that while we all grow old, the best of us never grow up!! You are my favourite kind of people 😊

I also enjoy the company of younger lovers from the age of 24 upwards.

Do you see clients with disabilities?   

I am happy to see clients with disabilities. Please be aware though that there are a few steps in order to reach the front door.

Blind clients are very welcome to bring their guide dogs if needs be.

Clients with a PA are welcome to come attended but I would ask that PA’s find somewhere to wait for us in the general area during our time together, there are some nice cafes and Hyde Park very near by.

Do you entertain ladies?

Yes. I am genuinely bisexual. Everything that I offer men I am happy to offer women, although obviously on a practical level these things can differ on an anatomical basis! I’m very lucky to have been some wonderful ladies ‘first time’ and while most of my lady lovers prefer not to share our time together in words, you can find a very honest review: Here 💋 It maybe a few years old … but just think how much experience I have gained since then!!

I indentify as a ‘butch lesbian’ does that turn you off?

In a word “No” 🙂 I love sex with women however they choose to label or style  themselves. Just as Nirvana sung ..” Come as you are, as I want you to be”. X

Do you entertain couples?

Yes, playing with sexually liberated couples is a lot of fun 🙂

What might you be wearing when I meet you?

I generally wear a nice (think classy, sexy – not slutty) dress or dressing gown, bra, stockings, suspenders or a basque with stockings and heels.

Very detailed outfit requests are a turn off but simple requests are fine – please just mention them at the time of the booking.

I don’t wear uniforms, rubber or PVC.

How many times can I cum?

You probably know that better than me! But the answer is as many times as you can during our time together.

I’d like to buy you a present…

I never expect a gift – your donation and inclination to get naughty is quite simply delightful enough 🙂 However I know that some guests do like to bring a little something; in which case any of the following are very much appreciated:

Rose Bath Oil

Shea Butter Bath Foam

Orchid Face Oil

Wild Rose Face Balm

Would you ever consider unprotected sex if the price was right?

No, I am not prepared to play Russian roulette with my health and it puzzles me as to why anyone else would want to.

I’m a virgin, will you’teach me’…?

Sex is wonderful and makes you feel great – yes, I’m very happy to introduce you to it 🙂

I’m coming straight from work, is it ok to take a bath/shower and freshen up? And/or shower after our time together?

Of course. A clean towel, a variety of shower gels (by the bath taps, including unscented varieties), deodorant, mouth wash, hair gel etc (hanging behind the bathroom door) and some hangers and hooks to hang your clothes on will be here waiting for you.

You’re also very welcome to have a shower after play too.

Can I take you for drinks, lunch or dinner?

I’m sorry that’s a no…. but you can take me to bed!

I’ve sent you a lewd, misogynistic or clearly sexually objectifying email will you see me?

In short – “No” – while I may be a professional whore, I am foremost a lady, looking to meet naughty ladies and gentlemen only.