Sexual Health

Sexual Health

As a responsible escort I feel very strongly about not only looking after regularly testing my sexual health too.

 The Dean Street Express in Soho is my favorite place to go in London, and I highly recommend it.

Dean Street Express is specifically for people who just want to get a check up and don’t have any symptoms, however if you are worried about anything then you can visit their ‘Sister’ clinic at 56 Dean Street, you will need to call to make an appointment (020 3315 6699):

Erections, Diabetes,High Blood Pressure Medication

Unfortunately a common side affect of diabetes andhigh blood pressure medication can lead to a lack of high blood pressure in certain gentlemanly bits … it can be an embarrasing thing to talk about with your doctor but you can now get Viagra from Superdrug 🙂

Order Viagra from Superdrug

Or online and in the post: Order Viagra Online

Lumps & Bumps aka checking for the ‘Big C’.

This isn’t strictly related to sexual health and I know, I know you don’t want to know but it’s a very good idea to check for changes in your balls if you’re a boy or your breasts if you’re a girl. I worked within a cancer setting several years ago and the sooner you catch it, the less damage it causes and the less gruesome the treatment… go on… do it for me?

oh ballsGentlemen: Here’s a video telling you how to check your testicles:

Male Health Checks



Ladies: Here’s a video telling you how to check your breasts:

Female Health Checks

And ladies.. please, please, please don’t forget your smear tests too. They don’t hurt and might just save your life.