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London Plans xx

I very much enjoyed my stay in London’s Fitzrovia in early January, thank you to everyone who helped to make it so special 🙂 I am most definitely going to treat myself to many more visits to the Capital in the coming months!

I’ll be back later this month and already have lots to look forward to as this trip is already pretty much fully booked (with the exception of a small window of opportunity on the evening of Wednesday 22nd of January) so it’s time to make some new plans!

I’ll be returning to London for a few days at the beginning of February (somewhere near Kings Cross or Warren Street -more news soon!) do get in touch if you fancy meeting me on my travels 🙂 xxxx

My Sexy Secret Life

Happy New Year & Hope to See You Soon! Xxxxxx


What a funny year 2019 was here in the UK, l have never known anything like it with regards to politics, interesting times do indeed lie ahead! But enough about that l’d rather talk about lying in bed with some good company 🙂

As you might well know l wasn’t around much in 2019 but l will definitely be back in London more in 2020 for naughty adventures, something l am very much looking forward to 🙂

My early January’s ‘tour’ dates are already practically spoken for but l’d hate to miss out so l’m already looking into some venues for week beginning 20th of January and maybe even the week after that too, do let me know if you’re interested 🙂 Email is best as my naughty phone number is currently out of action.

In the meantime wishing you a Fabulous 2020 and hope to see you soon. Xxxxx

My Sexy Secret Life

Happy Christmas & London Dates xxx

79FDE4BD-A81B-4699-95CF-1ACA87156E1AI hope you’re somewhere warm and cosy (or perhaps even some where sunny!) with lovely plans for the next few days, here’s wishing you a wonderful festive season and a fabulous new year.

My focus for 2020 is definitely to get back to having lots of naughty fun! So l’ll be starting the New Year by offering dates in Warren Street on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of January…. care to join me?! I hope so, do let me know if you can make it. Xxxxx

My Sexy Secret Life


Hello there 🙂

Just a quick update to let you know that l haven’t forgotten you and l am planning on being in London much more frequently soon, l do miss my naughty adventures! However with the madness that politics is wreaking on our current financial climate right now l am wary of signing a new lease.

l know of a good few people who are going to leave London or are uncertain as to whether or not they will stay and it’s very frustrating trying to plan for the future at the moment! Hopefully things will become a little clearer after the election on the 12th, however l am not holding my breath (although as you might already know that is something l’m quite good at!!).

So, l have started investigating some discrete incall locations and l will have more news soon as to where and when we might be able to meet 🙂 lt would be great to get some naughty pre Christmas dates in the diary to look forward to!

Hope to see you soon.
Charlotte xxxx


My Sexy Secret Life

Are you finding it hard to sleep?

Then the film by one of my most favourite comedians below might help…. on the other hand, if you’d like to feel more alive please do get in touch! 😉

I’ll be staying in some nice London Hotels again soon, looking for good company and fun times 🙂

l’m now actively flat hunting, and l should be back living in the City Centre permanently by November at the very latest.

Looking forward to seeing you in the not too distant future 🙂 xxxx

My Sexy Secret Life

A Lesson in Life

l first heard this track in my early twenties when l was living with an amateur DJ – l thought l was super ‘cool’… l’ll be 40 in February. Argh… oh well, it happens to all of us … And if l could trade my twenty year old body for my life experience and general level of contentment, well l wouldn’t 😉

I am sure l have posted this video somewhere in my blog before but as l get older it becomes more and more poignant…. l hope you enjoy it as much as l do 🙂