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Christmas Bookings


So, not only as it suddenly appears to have changed from Summer to Autumn there really isn’t that much longer until Christmas!

Although l was brought up as a Christian it’s not actually a religion l have practiced since my early teens, when l was given my own free choice as to whether church was for me – it wasn’t but I am very thankful for my experience and the values that being a practising Christian instilled in me, and also having been given an insight into structured religion.

For the last six years or so l have been quietly ‘not celebrating’ Christmas. Of course l buy my loved ones gifts and thankfully they respect my descision, so apart from the pleasure that comes with buying the people who you care about lovely presents, in my house there is no Christmas tree, tinsel, turkey or even pudding! To be perfectly honest l find Christmas rather boring, so this year l am going to invite other non Christmas celebrators to come and join me in my boudoir for some rather naughty festive fun…

l will be available for bookings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day from early afternoon through to around ten in the evening. Advance notice bookings are both encouraged and advised! No mistle toe required 😉

My Sexy Secret Life

New Number


I hope that you’re enjoying this lovely, balmy Autumn weather. There’s something magical it seems to me about the changing of the seasons, l’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change colour and fall in big crunchy piles that l love to walk through in Hyde Park!

The darker evenings do lend themselves very well to spending more time in bed with my sensual playmates, l look forward to seeing you! And just to let you know that if you’re trying to get in touch l now have a new number which is: 078285 15950. Please remember to text rather than calling, it’s far more discrete that way.

Hope to see you soon,


Charlotte X

My Sexy Secret Life

Wealth vs Riches

l love this ad .. it truly embodies the way l chose to live my life 🙂

The richest and the poorest, truly happy people l have ever known have exactly the same attitude – life is to be experienced, to be treasured and most of, all when ever possible to be enjoyed 🙂

I’m quite fond of San Miguel too 😉 it reminds me of living in Spain when l was 19 and; at that time beer in the local village supermarkets was cheaper than bottled water!!

l didn’t get hangovers in those days … just under ten years later, unlike my supermarket shop then, mine now would definitely include far less beer and much more water..

Anyway – here’s to raising a glass of beer (or dare l even say it – fizzy water with a few ice cubes and slice of lemon!) to enjoying life and getting older, wiser but never ever forgetting to always, whenever possible to find fun wherever you can  🙂


My Sexy Secret Life

This makes my heart smile

I recently came across this piece of music and it really touched my heart (see below for the video). For quite a while l was puzzled as to why but then it came to me..

Just like the artist in this story, many people judge what I do to be wrong – and it was very scary to choose this life style initially, however l do feel so very blessed to be in the position that l’m in now and have absolutely no regrets.

l spend my life unhindered by any kinds of rules, just taking in the good things, watching the dawn break over the beautiful London skyline, living in a wonderful part of my favourite City, long walks in Hyde Park, not having to screw people over to get ahead, living in a way that suits my values – acting with integrity and simply having lots of lovely fun with the people l choose to meet and enjoying every minute!

l really am so very lucky to have fought my inner demons about this way of living and to have won! Thank you to all of you that make this possible for me. Xxxx

My Sexy Secret Life

Personalised Self Defense Lessons


In this growing age of uncertainty knowing how to defend yourself is massively important- especially from the element of surprise.

l’m currently working with a former Army pro to offer tailored self defence lessons. These are for both ladies and gentlemen with a specific focus on home invasion,  domestic violence and/or potentially avoidable street crimes.

The lessons will be based in either and/or a home and outdoor (and completely private and secure) situation and location in Central London, where I will be acting as the ‘aggressor’ (very slowly and gently) while my security buddy teaches you the best techniques to get out of a potentially harmful situation, mentally, physically and legally

Lessons are from £50 per hour (although l’d advise booking two hours, to cover both indoor and outdoor locations) and include private tuition, course material and me to practice on!

Looking after you – it’s important! Xxxx

Please email me for more details if you’re interested:

My Sexy Secret Life

Talking to Spiders..

l’m not some one who kills spiders, although l must admit l don’t especially enjoy them crawling on me – however at this time of year l like having them in the house, as l’d much rather that they snacked on the mosquitoes that were planning on snacking on me.

So having one such creature living in my bathroom was OK. However it being in my towel after a shower was not and especially as it ended up on my arm. I batted it away and felt instantly guilty.

”l’m really sorry spider, l called out – l hope I didn’t hurt you, but living in my towel is absolutely not OK – why not move to my front room? There’s plenty more space and insects for you to eat/friends to meet there!”.

Next thing l know that’s exactly where my spider was calmly and decidedly  heading… Odd hey? Could it have possibly understood what I was saying!!?

Maybe there is such a thing as reincarnation? I never saw that spider again, but l hope it lived happily ever after! 😉


P.s Dislaimer alert: the above cartoon is entirely a work of fiction- there are no black widows in the UK!! 🙂 Well at least l hope not ….