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Feeling Blessed X

Years ago, l used to stroll around my part of London in sheer wonder of its beauty, the gorgeous white mansion buildings, surrounded by private gardens, so quiet yet so close to Central London.

Now l live here, l feel very lucky indeed! I even have access to a private garden! And next Monday l will be celebrating fireworks night in another one, just around the corner from me!

I must admit though, my favourite street to walk down these days is a quick and beautiful cut through from my place to Kensington High Street: Ambassadors Row is lined with the most beautiful mansions you could ever dream of but l would hate to even imagine what goes into cleaning a house there on a regular basis – I’m happy with my own little flat near by!

My Sexy Secret Life

Christmas Bookings


So, not only as it suddenly appears to have changed from Summer to Autumn there really isn’t that much longer until Christmas!

Although l was brought up as a Christian it’s not actually a religion l have practiced since my early teens, when l was given my own free choice as to whether church was for me – it wasn’t but I am very thankful for my experience and the values that being a practising Christian instilled in me, and also having been given an insight into structured religion.

For the last six years or so l have been quietly ‘not celebrating’ Christmas. Of course l buy my loved ones gifts and thankfully they respect my descision, so apart from the pleasure that comes with buying the people who you care about lovely presents, in my house there is no Christmas tree, tinsel, turkey or even pudding! To be perfectly honest l find Christmas rather boring, so this year l am going to invite other non Christmas celebrators to come and join me in my boudoir for some rather naughty festive fun…

l will be available for bookings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day from early afternoon through to around ten in the evening. Advance notice bookings are both encouraged and advised! No mistle toe required 😉

My Sexy Secret Life

New Number


I hope that you’re enjoying this lovely, balmy Autumn weather. There’s something magical it seems to me about the changing of the seasons, l’m looking forward to seeing the leaves change colour and fall in big crunchy piles that l love to walk through in Hyde Park!

The darker evenings do lend themselves very well to spending more time in bed with my sensual playmates, l look forward to seeing you! And just to let you know that if you’re trying to get in touch l now have a new number which is: 078285 15950. Please remember to text rather than calling, it’s far more discrete that way.

Hope to see you soon,


Charlotte X