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Talking to Spiders..

l’m not some one who kills spiders, although l must admit l don’t especially enjoy them crawling on me – however at this time of year l like having them in the house, as l’d much rather that they snacked on the mosquitoes that were planning on snacking on me.

So having one such creature living in my bathroom was OK. However it being in my towel after a shower was not and especially as it ended up on my arm. I batted it away and felt instantly guilty.

”l’m really sorry spider, l called out – l hope I didn’t hurt you, but living in my towel is absolutely not OK – why not move to my front room? There’s plenty more space and insects for you to eat/friends to meet there!”.

Next thing l know that’s exactly where my spider was calmly and decidedly  heading… Odd hey? Could it have possibly understood what I was saying!!?

Maybe there is such a thing as reincarnation? I never saw that spider again, but l hope it lived happily ever after! 😉


P.s Dislaimer alert: the above cartoon is entirely a work of fiction- there are no black widows in the UK!! 🙂 Well at least l hope not ….

My Sexy Secret Life

Nut clusters, walnut whispers..

Raspberry Dreams, Mint Marvels, Purple Figs…

Yep! You’ve guessed it! It’s time to give the London pad a whole new lick of paint and after the deeply involved process of choosing what colours to put up on the walls the whole place is getting a well deserved refresh!

It won’t be long before it’s time to choose a new carpet to put down and with such delights as Ashley Urban, Maltese Lustre and Carrot Cake to choose from l can’t wait!! 🙂

l should have been a colour ‘namer’ (not sure what the right name is?) Rose Pink Pussy ahem Rose Garden anyone? Or perhaps you’d prefer Deep Throat Purple, I mean Deep Purple Pleasure (obviously)? And yes of course both are shades of crimson, not red..or pink, or purple… CRIMSON!


My Sexy Secret Life

Should I be giving up on Facebook?

After all the things that came out about how Facebook uses my information (albeit, completely transparent in the very, very small print that I could/should have read instead of just ticking the ‘yes please’ give me my Facebook page box) l’m still umming and arring.

Everytime I think yes!! I am absolutely going to delete this data whoring App from my equally data devouring apple technology l get a friend request, a blast from the past from someone who really touches my heart….. you know –  one of those lovely big heart smiles that just makes me feel so, so happy for them for days 🙂 🙂 🙂 and l can’t delete it because those moments make it so worth it …