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An Eventful Two Weeks!

My laptop blew up in a cloud of black smoke a few days back, so I am sorry that I haven’t been online to say ‘hello’ sooner, I’ve borrowed a friends laptop while I contemplate my next foray into new technology.

I think it’s fair to say that more has happened in my life in the last few weeks than it has in the last two months! I am now back from a lovely holiday in the sun and I have moved to Zone 1 to a lovely new flat a stones throw away from the river and the delightful Dollymopp who I am meeting for dinner this evening. No more hotels for me, I can now entertain from home which is something that I am very excited about! I must dash as I better get ready for dinner but I’ll write more soon I promise. C xxxx

Central London Escort, English Escort, Independent London Escort, London Bridge Escort, My Sexy Secret Life

‘Happy Endings’

I went for a massage in Soho today. I bet if you are a man reading this and you’d done the same, it isn’t something that you’d be admitting to! Massage and naughtiness being so close in association when it comes to services provided for gentleman; especially in places as salubrious as Soho.

I actually went to Soho SPECIFICALLY because I thought that it may be the place where I could finally find what I have been looking for, for a very long time. A massage parlor that offers women happy endings by women!! Oh to be able to just drop by and get my body and my bits rubbed by a nice lady whenever I felt like it, that would be heaven!

Anyway; back to today… no extras offered or even hinted at but after an excruciating groin massage I wasn’t feeling so much in the mood anyway! Her strokes were definitely not seductive but highly professional and as a fellow massage therapist I could not complain one bit – she knew what she was doing.

I could try a tantric masseuse who sees ladies but I’m a little bit skeptical of the whole tantric thing after my recent explorations .. I can all too easily imagine handing over a couple of hundred pounds only to find that the only thing on offer was ‘orgasmic breathing’ at the end of the massage or some other nonsense which bears no relation at all to some skillful fingers or a persistent tongue or best of all both!

I am very jealous of how easy it is for men to get what they want from the sex industry. I’d happily pay as it makes things far less complicated. I’m not looking for a relationship AND I have great sex… but to be able to pay to just lay back, relax and be massaged, stroked and licked into orgasm by a lady, that would be brilliant! I wouldn’t want a client to do this for me (although some very kind ones have offered!) because I want to be completely selfish!

Anyway….I think I may just have had one of those ‘eureka’ moments….I wonder if lesbians have ‘special’ massage parlors that have naughty ladies … ? I’m off to do some in depth  research!