Turn Offs

There is no acting involved in what I do and I am very much a “GFE’ Genuine Lover  – Girl Friend Experience Type of Lady ….

So I thought I better let you know the things that I don’t like and spoil the mood for me ..

Role Play

I don’t want to act, or roleplay. I want to simply enjoy you and our time together.

Dress Requests

My favourite colour is black and I always dress in lovely lingerie, typically including stockings and suspenders which makes me feel very sexy.

Very detailed outfit requests are a turn off but simple requests are fine – please just mention them with plenty of notice.

Uniforms, Rubber & PVC

Feeling silly is not sexy! I feel ridiculous in uniforms and PVC and if you want to know why I don’t wear rubber then ask me when you meet me!

Having Sex With Women Pretending To Be Bi Sexual

I am genuinely bi sexual, it’s massively obvious to me during a threesome when a woman is ‘playing gay’ and it’s a real turn off. I do not enjoy meeting ‘gay for pay’ escorts or ladies trying to please their partners by pretending to like women. I don’t pretend – please don’t play pretend with me.

Dirty Talk

I am, I’m afraid to say absolutely rubbish at naughty talk, e.g ” does that feel good baby” etc.. Sorry I’d love to indulge you but my most likely answer will be “mmm … yeah”..

I also don’t like being asked lot’s of questions about what I do with other people or have done with other people in the past. Everything I am happy to share is in my blog. I’m very discrete; as my nickname suggests.

Nipple ‘Tweaking’ & General Rough Handling

My nipples are extremely sensitive and love being sucked gently just please, please don’t ‘tweak’ them.

Ear Play

Having ones ears played with, I have discovered is rather like Marmite, some people LOVE it and other people (like me) HATE it! Please don’t do it to me but if it’s something you like having done to you do let me know 🙂

Good Old 69

I guess I’m just not a good multi tasker! I enjoy concentrating on either giving or receiving. Not that I don’t love being licked, licking ladies or sucking cock… I adore them… just not at the same time!!!


I used to love rimming and have nothing against those who do it. It’s deliciously rude but unfortunately also carries some nasty health risks… after becoming ill after rimming and reading up on it, it is definitely now one of my top turn offs and I will niether indulge in giving or recieving it.

Please don’t finger my bum!

I’m more than happy to finger yours but please don’t return the favour!

Water Sports

Pee is not for me!

Photography & Filming

I like to keep my sexy secret life just that! So pictures and filming are a definate turn off and not something I am willing to engage in.

Bare Back

I do not offer unprotected sex. Ladies, as lovely as it is that does include scissoring.


While I have greatly enjoyed my submissive adventures in the past, I have found as I get older that I am becoming too feisty to be submissive!


If you’re a bit shy and want me to take lead, no problem. If you’d like something a little more hardcore however I’m not the lady for you.

Early Arrivals

I like to spend a good deal of time getting ready for meetings so please don’t arrive early when I’m not ready! If you’re running a little late – please keep in touch but don’t worry about it, things happen, I understand.

Over Stayers

While I like meetings to come to a natural end and by absolutely no means count every minute, if you are still hanging about far longer than arranged after persistent hints, offers of showers, me getting fully dressed, mentioning other plans that I have and need to leave for etc then you have spoilt it for me and it is extremely unlikely that I will see you again.

Email or Text Ping Pong

I get a lot of emails and I believe it’s important to take the time to answer inquiries fully however, I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time for extensive email or text foreplay.

Poor Hygiene

l know some escorts clock watch as soon you’re though the door but l don’t – and l really appreciate you getting as fresh, minty and ready for intimacy as l do 🙂

If you would like to/ need to shower etc, do please feel free to freshen up at my place, and you are never under any time pressure- smelly is never sexy!

Showering after our time together is fine too 😉