Turn Ons


I am so, so lucky to lead the life that I do – will you share it with me?

One Very Important Secret to Share With You…

Kissing my neck drives me crazy 🙂

French Kissing

I absolutely adore kissing, soft and seductive, and/or hot, horny and passionate, I love it! But occasionally I do meet some one who would prefer not to, and that’s fine too – just please let me know as otherwise, I’ll be kissing you as soon as I close the door to my flat!

Don’t Speak Just Fuck!

Maybe you’re shy and would like to meet without the pressure of conversation? Or maybe you’d like a meet with no words but a list of desires in which you would like to satisfy? Or a combination of the two? Just let me know….

‘Third Base’ aka Not all The Way

Don’t want to go any further than kissing and touching? Sexual pleasure really doesn’t need to include penetration! Heart felt tenderness, genuine, body embracing hugs, touching, stroking, kissing and cuddling and maybe a lovely massage?

Massage with a ‘Happy Ending’

I’m both a qualified and very experienced massage therapist so offer an expert massage to relieve aches and pains and a healthy dose of sensuality to encourage arousal, ending in orgasm should you so wish 🙂


I love giving pleasure – especially with my mouth! Bringing men close to orgasm  then stopping on numerous occasions tends to lead ultimately, to a tremendous climax 🙂

Women, in general I find are wired differently so this technique can be quite frustrating – once a woman gets going you need to keep going for dear life .. it’s always worth it in the end though 😉

Going Down On Men 

I absolutely adore giving long, wet blow jobs (I’d happily suck you for hours!).

Going Down On Men With Protection

I also understand that you may prefer a covered blow job, feel free to ask for this with no fear of causing offense.. I’ll have my favourite strawberry flavoured condoms at the ready!

Going Down On Women With a Tireless Tongue!

I also adore going down on ladies 🙂 with a lovely tongue and a finger in just the right place (should you wish)! I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it!

Being Licked

Whilst it is by no means something that I expect, if you enjoy giving oral then I do enjoy receiving it.

Hand Jobs

I do love to give a nice lubey hand job, I just love playing with cocks! I enjoy watching you shoot too; but perhaps you’d rather do that in my mouth, all over my lovely full natural breasts, firm curvy bum or all over my naughty little face?


It just feels so rude and naughty to watch you wank; and I love you watching me wank too; kissing and wanking mmm! Or maybe we can kiss and tease each other with our fingers!?

Maybe you’d like me to lick your balls while you wank? Or tease my nipples while I do!? It’s lovely kissing girls or sucking their nipples as they wank too 🙂

Sensitive Nipples – Mine are! Perhaps yours are too?

I have incredibly sensitive nipples which just love to be gently sucked, please let me know if yours are sensitive too 🙂 However please, please don’t ‘tweak’ my nip’s, I don’t enjoy that at all!


I do love hot spunk all over my face. Wank over me as I rub my wet pussy then cover me with cum?


It’s so lovely to be fucked, soft, slow and sensual or hard and fast. Or both! Mmm!! Ladies, I do have a strap on, some double enders and various dildos if this is your thing 😉

‘Bum Fun’

A lot of men and women enjoy a gentle finger working in and out of their arse as they’re being sucked or licked….bum fun and oral sex seem to be a popular combination!

With regards to me and bum fun….No fingering my bum please 🙂


Perhaps you’re a single lady looking for a special time alone together? 🙂 I love tender, naughty times with other women 🙂


I am genuinely, 100% bi sexual and I will happily fuck your wife/girlfriend/fellow escort, so long as she is too – I find women faking bi/turning gay for pay a massive turn off.

If we’re meeting as a three though, I do like to play with both of you – greedy – I know but unashamedly so!! 🙂