Vital Statistics

Height: 5ft7 and usually around 4 inches taller when you first meet me because I’ll be wearing heels.

Dress Size: 16, no bigger, no smaller – curves in all the right places 😉

Bra Size: 36H – about the size of galia melons!

Age: 37 years full of adventures 🙂

General State of Undress:

I always wear nice lingerie and once we’re aquainted I won’t be wearing much more than that when you arrive 🙂

Lady Garden: De furred although I’m happy to wear a merkin if you want to bring one with you (brand new ones only) but I really don’t mind if you have hair.

Sexual Orientation: Greedy Bi Sexual

Sexual Appetite: Voracious Entirely suited to the profession I have chosen 🙂

Sense of Humour: Incredibly dry and often smutty 😀